the KUBIKULO api

your backdoor access to all the kubi and kulo in the world...

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Sensible endpoints to KUBIKULO data, returning data in JSON format*. Get an api key to authenticate each call. Use the tester to formulate your input. By polling data from the KULO and VENUE api, you should be able to re-build all of KUBIKULO on your own pad. Wait, that's already been done — go make something new!


Kubi data for each kulo is returned as a format-neutral parsable string, with each kubi conveyed via a normalized RGBA color coordinate and kubi-local position. (* ?kkformat=1 returns results in kkformat)

{venueuuid, venueuuid and useruuid, useruuid, uuid}

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The venue API is used to match real world names and coordinates with entries in the KK venue database, returning the KUBIKULO venueuuid(s) based on a number of input parameters, including:

{venuename; venuename near lat,lng; lat,lng; address}

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